About us

Caxtool Ltd. has been selling its laser machines under its own brand for six years. The Caxtool “logo” allows the elements, parts and the standard of our laser machines to be as defined by us, and the production conditions to correspond to the expected industrial level. The number of our laser machines sold now exceeds half a hundred. Standardization makes it possible for us to have replacement parts and be able to react quickly in the event of a failure. Based on the elapsed time and the number of machines installed, we can safely say that our machines are of industrial quality and the need for service or repair during their use is the standard in the industry. Our company sells machines and parts from stock, but it is also common to deliver custom machines or individual technological elements. 

Laser machines seem simple in everyday use. On the other hand, thousands of professionals around the world are working hard to get the laser light to reach most accurately, most stably and the fastest the place where the expected change could take place due to its effect – and all that with the least investment. Affordable, but high-quality technology is constantly changing. With the expertise and support of the manufacturer, Caxtool Ltd. assists its customers to choose the most suitable machine to perform the tasks they expect and that the value for money of their investment be the best.

Caxtool Kft.