Medium-size covered machines

CO2 laser cutting and engraving machines are a technology recommended for cutting and engraving plywood, paper, plexiglass, certain plastic plates, fabrics, but it can also be used to engrave glass, as well as to remove various painted layers, thus also for the purpose of labelling and marking. These machines represent universal equipment. The laser power of our machines is usually between 40 and 180W, but this value depends on the task to be done. We have machines of different table sizes, the largest of which is 1600*1000 mm, and the work area of ​​our smallest machine is 400*300 mm. Lamellated and honeycomb-shaped tables help to place the materials to be processed, but we recommend different rotators for engraving on the mantle of cylindrical objects, while a conveyor table is suggested for cutting large volumes of fabric. We place special emphasis on the quality of our machine components, so the manufacturers of the linear system, the drive, the laser tubes are recognized and reputed companies, and the elements used are of industrial quality.

Large open machines

Compared to medium-size CO2 covered machines, these appliances are rather laser cutting machines, because the laser tube is located on the transversal bridge, so engraving is less recommended. Large size always requires an individual decision from several points of view: one or two laser heads are necessary on it; the width of the table is usually between 1300 and 1900 mm; the laser power is largely determined by the quality of the cut material, as fabric can be cut with much less force than plexiglass or wood; the laser power is most often between 80 and 180W; and the task also determines the type of the linear unit, which can be equipped with timing belt, ball screw or rack-bar.

Special machines

Compared to medium-size CO2 covered machines, these appliances are often single-purpose equipment. A non-exhaustive list: for cutting fabric, a large open machine with a conveyor table and a drum winder will be built; for the abrasion of jeans, the so-called galvo-head CO2 laser machine with a metal laser tube will be designed; for materials difficult to cut, we manufacture machines with a laser power of over 300W.